WonderWorks is the upside-down house on International Drive…. yes, it really is upside-down!  An amusement park for the mind, it features over a 100 interactive exhibits for a full morning, afternoon or evening’s worth of entertainment.  Feel a 5.3 simulated earthquake, be blown away by hurricane force winds, land the shuttle, lie on a bed of nails, pilot a fighter jet or design and ride your own roller coaster.

WonderWorks has added a gyroscope billed as the ‘Astronaut Training Challenge’ to its line up. Two visitors at a time can board the gyroscope and they should experience a feeling of weightlessness and the roll-and-tumble effect that’s associated with space travel.

Included with admission is the 3 story Indoor Ropes Challenge Course, the 4D Extreme Motion Ride, and a game of Laser Tag.